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So you may have heard me say before in previous articles that credit repair is not easy.  It’s not.   Good credit repair can take around 4 to 6 weeks, about 20 man hours and a lot of knowledge about the legislation surrounding credit repair.

However, I also understand that some Australians may not be able to afford a decent credit repair agent or they’ve had a bad experience with one.

It is possible to run a credit repair investigation by yourself.

However, I must point out that if you take the risk of running the investigation into the default yourself, that you run the risk of the credit provider saying no to the removal.  Then, if you try to employ a good credit repair company, they will find it hard to remove the default because you have already run an investigation.  Basically as soon as you speak to a credit provider, they record everything you say.  So then if a credit repair company goes to run an investigation after you, it doesn’t matter if the credit repair company finds something new to argue with, they will be knocked back because of what you said prior to them taking on the case.


So do you hire a pro or do it yourself??

At the end of the day, it’s up to you.  We can all try to cut our own hair or build our own houses, but then again you can pay for a professional to do it for you, with minimal hassle and the best quality results available.

A good credit repair company will thoroughly investigate the account relating to the default and if there is any reason to remove the default they will find it.  Leaving you to worry about your own work and the family and everything else important!

A good credit repair company will also not charge you upfront.  So don’t think that you need to have money to apply for credit repair.  You don’t need to settle for fast DIY credit fixes.  There are companies out there who won’t charge you unless they successfully remove the default, and on top of that, if they are reasonable, they will allow you time to pay their fee.

At Credit Fix Solutions, we offer no win no fee credit repair that guarantees the best investigation possible into the listings on your credit report and you can be confident that with our experience, knowledge and business awards under our belt that you are in safe hands.

AND we can help you negotiate existing debt down to as low as 30% of what is owed.

We offer free and honest consultations on your credit report if you need to ask any questions.

The fast option IS available if you need to use it, but if you have the funds to employ a good credit repair team that we would recommend you do so.

Call 1300 43 65 69 today to find out more or go to our News Page for more information about credit repair, and you can decide for yourself if you can fix your credit yourself or you need a pro!  No win no fee credit repair and the #1 trusted authority in credit repair.


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