Understanding your credit score

Understanding your credit score In Australia, we currently have 3 credit score agencies.  Understanding your credit score has become more and more difficult as our reports have become more comprehensive. Credit score agencies are also known as credit reporting...

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Debt consolidation programs

Debt consolidation True debt consolidation programs in Australia can be tricky to find. There are companies advertising debt consolidation services that are masked Part 9 bankruptcies and they are not the only debt consolidation programs available. These companies...

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Can you pay to clear your credit

Can you pay to clear your credit How can you pay to clear your credit? Case Study: John and Alice had a credit card with Bankwest. They had some financial difficulties as John lost his job. He couldn’t find employment for several months and they fell behind with...

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Fix my credit for free

Fix my credit for free sounds too good to be true and it probably is. If everyone could fix my credit for free then we wouldn’t have credit repair companies in Australia. The fact is, that credit repair companies are needed, to advocate for people who do not have the...

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