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Credit repair firms to be regulated! Exciting News!!

It is with much joy that we welcome the new regulations for credit repair firms via ASIC.

Up until now, anyone can start a credit repair business and take consumer’s money.

This is scary because consumers haven’t known if they can trust credit repair firms or not.

We’ve been offering honest and fair credit repair services since 2013.

But there are many firms in Australia who don’t.

I’ve recorded a short video, click on the video below:

It’s business as usual at Credit Fix Solutions and we have started our application with ASIC.

Deadline is 30 June 2021, and I will keep you posted.

For scenarios please email my lovely team at sales@creditfixsolutions.com.au

Kind regards,

Victoria Coster

CEO | Credit Repair Specialist
Credit FIX Solutions – Credit FIX Lawyers
Honest and Fair Credit Repair

E: victoria@creditfixsolutions.com.au
Toll Free: 1300 43 65 69


Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge


The United Nations theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is – “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.”

I feel so privileged to run a team of strong women in an industry that is dominated by men.

Many of them have come from outside the finance industry, including hairdressers, students and other single mums.

Their common trait is that they are women who have a willingness to learn and grow.

Many had expressed their frustration at not being given a chance but I could see their passion to make a difference and knew with guidance and support they would grow into the committed team that they are today.

Having started the company with a computer from Centrelink in my son’s bedroom of our housing commission unit in 2014, I made a conscious decision to hire women.

They are able to relate to our clients.

Some have even been in the situation of using our service themselves or have had family and friends use our service.

They have a genuine understanding of what it’s like to need credit repair.

Recently I asked my team to describe my leadership style and I was moved by the responses I received as my values of being kind and patient were reflected in their words.

Mary Dagres, Business Development Manager Victoria and Tasmania said Victoria always strives to better herself, to go that extra mile not because she has to but because she wants to.

“This in turn makes me want to do the same for her. Her professionalism is always evident.  The way she articulates and carries herself is nothing short of professional with everyone at all levels. Victoria leads by example and this filters down to her staff.  I’m a strong believer that the example starts from the top.”

“Victoria wants to succeed in everything she does and she realises that we are just not her employees.  You cannot succeed at her level unless you have the right people in place who share this goal and strive for the same goals.  She always makes me feel passionate with what I do even though it’s not my company.”

Emilija Grubisic Customer Sales and Service Consultant said Victoria is someone she looks up to.

“It is amazing how Victoria has been able to create such a successful company from scratch over the last 7-8 years.”

“She is an amazing woman who took a chance on me as soon as I finished High School, keeping in mind I had no prior experience. Over the last two years of working for Victoria she has trained me and assisted me in gaining relevant experience in my field of work, shaping the woman I am today. “

“Victoria is a business woman who has positively contributed to credit repair in Australia but also a beautiful person who I will forever look up to.” 

Ailen Cervania, Credit Repair Officer and Administration said she feels valued as an employee because Victoria helps her enhance her skills and recognises my performance.

“For me, it’s essential for the employees to know that they’re able to contribute to the company and are effective in their respective role.”

“Aside from the company’s success, she’s also concerned with the individual’s growth. I also love how Victoria genuinely cares and listens to us, not only with work-related matters. She’s truly an inspiration as a leader and a mum.” 

Kerry Sainsbury, Business Development Manager – Queensland said Victoria is such an inspirational leader, her story and how she has grown her business, her beliefs and how she presents herself and is so supportive towards her staff.

“Victoria’s vision is to help, learn and grow and she is doing just that. I love being a part of her team and what we do – we only add value in our industry and we change people’s lives.”

“I love the warm and fuzzy feeling we all get with each scenario we can assist with. Victoria deserves everything she has worked so hard for.”

Rechelle Cabuenas, Administrative and Marketing Officer said she was amazed at how Victoria handles all sides of the business, from sales to administrative to marketing to accounting, all while being a good friend to the whole team.

“Victoria makes sure that she’s in touch with everyone from the team and our input is always being heard.”

“She trusts me with matters that I wasn’t even sure I can do! I am grateful for her support, she’s one of a kind and I love working with her.” 

Marianna Marroun, Business Development Manager – New South Wales said Victoria gave her an amazing opportunity.

“I would not have been able to fill this role without Victoria’s constant encouragement and support.

“Even at times when I doubted my capability of succeeding in this new role Victoria was always nearby to reassure me that I was on the right track and that with time comes knowledge.”

“Even if there is an area I am lacking confidence in, she does not instil doubt but instead takes the time to share anything that could potentially help me whether that be her own experience, motivational videos or workshops.”

“Victoria is kind, patient and gave me a chance when someone else would not. I can see that this is also reflected within the company and its values.”

On this International Women’s Day 2021 I ask you to look at your own leadership style and reflect on whether it represents your values and dreams. I am proud to be sharing this day with my team and hope to continue and prosper as proud women supporting each other and making a difference in people’s lives.

And here are the Queens below who help me run Credit Fix Solutions across the world!! Contact us today using our contact form page: https://creditfixsolutions.com.au/contact/

International Women's Day 2021 #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge
















Victoria Coster is CEO of national credit repair company, Credit Fix Solutions and author of “From Zero to CEO”.

For media enquiries please contact Helen Hull at Helpr Media e: media@helprmedia.com.au Website: helprmedia.com.au

International Women’s Day 2021

Attention Shoppers: Make debt management your New Year’s resolution

Make debt management your New Year’s resolution!

In her article this month VICTORIA COSTER, the CEO of Credit FIX Solutions and Credit FIX Lawyers shares how you can turn around your bad spending habits.  

Overspending is a serious issue at Christmas and many people start the New Year with huge amounts of debt.

The good news is that the first step in getting your finances in order is to acknowledge that you have a spending problem.

Read more here: https://homeloanconnexion.com.au/attention-shoppers-make-debt-management-your-new-years-resolution/


Sharing a lovely testimonial from a referral partner of ours


Getting a lovely testimonial from referrers and clients is SO rewarding for any company and their team.

Our team at Credit Fix Solutions strive to offer the best customer service experience.

We go above and beyond to serve our referral partners and clients.

That being said, it’s not often that people spend the time to send across their thanks.

Often we fix people’s credit reports and they never say thank you.

In some cases, we fix their reports and they never even pay our fees!

It can sometimes be a thankless job in credit repair!

However, every now and then you come across a generous member of your community who is happy to give back and share some kind words about their experience with you.

In this case, it was the lovely Sherin Strachan, an amazing finance broker, Director of Australian Loans & Finance Group, who was kind enough to share her feedback with us.

Sherin wrote the following email to our team recently and she was kind enough to approve us to share her feedback as an online testimonial:

Sherin’s Testimonial

“I’d like to share a story of a very positive experience I’ve had with Marianna and the Credit Fix team with you.

I first saw Marianna in a Choice PD video session.

I contacted her on Monday 19 October to confirm the process for referrals, Credit Fix requirements and informed her of a client of mine I’d referred to the 1800 number. Marianna was friendly, informative, professional and answered all queries thoroughly. She promised to contact my client, locate my client’s file and keep me updated on the file progress.

3 hrs  later I receive an email from the Credit Fix team advising of file progress.

Today, less than 3 days later, I’m advised of the removal of the default on my client’s credit file! Wow! What an amazing team and experience for my client and I – we are delighted!

I’ll be confidently referring any clients requiring assistance with their credit file to Marianna and the Credit Fix team.”

Marianna was beaming at the kind words that Sherin shared with our team.

Getting feedback is so important for all of us when it comes to our work.

It boosts morale and helps us deal with the not so appreciative people….and there’s always a few of those.

Thank you Sherin for the wonderful feedback and we look forward to assisting your clients again in the future.

If you need a great broker around the Sans Souci area of NSW, you can contact Sherin at sherin@alfg.com.au and her website can be found here: www.alfg.com.au

For more information about our no result no fee credit repair services, email sales@creditfixsolutions.com.au

Or call 1300 43 65 69

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Learn how our CEO connected with over 15,000 relevant connections on LinkedIn!

How I connected with over 15,000 relevant connections on LinkedIn

Networking is a critical part of lead generation for many businesses and consistency is the key when making connections on LinkedIn, according to Victoria Coster, author of From Zero to CEO.

Business Start Up Guide

When I started my business from my son’s bedroom I hadn’t even started networking but I knew it was something that wouldn’t cost money, just time.

If you connect with 10 people a week at events, that’s 40 people you can potentially do business with every month.

That’s 120 people in the first three months.

This is how I grew my business!

I joined local business groups, created relationships, met with the same people on a regular basis.

Later, I turned my attention to online and largely LinkedIn.

I set myself a target to add at least 20 relevant people my LinkedIn profile every day.

I searched people who I thought would be interested in our services, and I added them.

Every day I added 20-40 people in the finance sector in Australia.

Sometimes I did this while queuing at the supermarket checkout.

Other times I did it watching crap on TV in the evenings.

It’s so easy, but the secret is to do this consistently, every day.

Then you send a private message to whoever connects and suggest you catch up for a coffee

(at their office, or a local coffee shop is fine) and start building a relationship.

I now have more than 15,000 relevant connections on LinkedIn!!

ALL relevant to our services at Credit Fix Solutions – and I started with ZERO.

There is no secret to building your connections.

Just consistently add people every day and then send them messages via LinkedIn to catch up.

Yes, consistency is the key when sending messages out on LinkedIn, keep connecting with 20 new people a day – don’t stop!

When you meet with people in person, make sure that you are adding value to their business or the meeting in general.

Also ensure that you start commenting and liking posts from your connections on LinkedIn and join relevant LinkedIn groups and start commenting and creating posts on a regular basis.

This will help establish yourself as a ‘go-to’ person in your industry.

It will keep you front of mind for your online audience.

On average, I get around two to five leads per week just from LinkedIn.

It’s taken me five years to grow my connections to 15,000 but it has been something that has really attributed to the success of my business.

Victoria Coster is the CEO of national credit repair company, Credit Fix Solutions and author of ‘From Zero to CEO’: Your Guide on starting a thriving business from home with no money!

Available at Amazon in print and eBook format!!

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