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Attention Shoppers: Make debt management your New Year’s resolution

Make debt management your New Year’s resolution!

In her article this month VICTORIA COSTER, the CEO of Credit FIX Solutions and Credit FIX Lawyers shares how you can turn around your bad spending habits.  

Overspending is a serious issue at Christmas and many people start the New Year with huge amounts of debt.

The good news is that the first step in getting your finances in order is to acknowledge that you have a spending problem.

Read more here: https://homeloanconnexion.com.au/attention-shoppers-make-debt-management-your-new-years-resolution/


Sharing a lovely testimonial from a referral partner of ours


Getting a lovely testimonial from referrers and clients is SO rewarding for any company and their team.

Our team at Credit Fix Solutions strive to offer the best customer service experience.

We go above and beyond to serve our referral partners and clients.

That being said, it’s not often that people spend the time to send across their thanks.

Often we fix people’s credit reports and they never say thank you.

In some cases, we fix their reports and they never even pay our fees!

It can sometimes be a thankless job in credit repair!

However, every now and then you come across a generous member of your community who is happy to give back and share some kind words about their experience with you.

In this case, it was the lovely Sherin Strachan, an amazing finance broker, Director of Australian Loans & Finance Group, who was kind enough to share her feedback with us.

Sherin wrote the following email to our team recently and she was kind enough to approve us to share her feedback as an online testimonial:

Sherin’s Testimonial

“I’d like to share a story of a very positive experience I’ve had with Marianna and the Credit Fix team with you.

I first saw Marianna in a Choice PD video session.

I contacted her on Monday 19 October to confirm the process for referrals, Credit Fix requirements and informed her of a client of mine I’d referred to the 1800 number. Marianna was friendly, informative, professional and answered all queries thoroughly. She promised to contact my client, locate my client’s file and keep me updated on the file progress.

3 hrs  later I receive an email from the Credit Fix team advising of file progress.

Today, less than 3 days later, I’m advised of the removal of the default on my client’s credit file! Wow! What an amazing team and experience for my client and I – we are delighted!

I’ll be confidently referring any clients requiring assistance with their credit file to Marianna and the Credit Fix team.”

Marianna was beaming at the kind words that Sherin shared with our team.

Getting feedback is so important for all of us when it comes to our work.

It boosts morale and helps us deal with the not so appreciative people….and there’s always a few of those.

Thank you Sherin for the wonderful feedback and we look forward to assisting your clients again in the future.

If you need a great broker around the Sans Souci area of NSW, you can contact Sherin at sherin@alfg.com.au and her website can be found here: www.alfg.com.au

For more information about our no result no fee credit repair services, email sales@creditfixsolutions.com.au

Or call 1300 43 65 69

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Learn how our CEO connected with over 15,000 relevant connections on LinkedIn!

How I connected with over 15,000 relevant connections on LinkedIn

Networking is a critical part of lead generation for many businesses and consistency is the key when making connections on LinkedIn, according to Victoria Coster, author of From Zero to CEO.

Business Start Up Guide

When I started my business from my son’s bedroom I hadn’t even started networking but I knew it was something that wouldn’t cost money, just time.

If you connect with 10 people a week at events, that’s 40 people you can potentially do business with every month.

That’s 120 people in the first three months.

This is how I grew my business!

I joined local business groups, created relationships, met with the same people on a regular basis.

Later, I turned my attention to online and largely LinkedIn.

I set myself a target to add at least 20 relevant people my LinkedIn profile every day.

I searched people who I thought would be interested in our services, and I added them.

Every day I added 20-40 people in the finance sector in Australia.

Sometimes I did this while queuing at the supermarket checkout.

Other times I did it watching crap on TV in the evenings.

It’s so easy, but the secret is to do this consistently, every day.

Then you send a private message to whoever connects and suggest you catch up for a coffee

(at their office, or a local coffee shop is fine) and start building a relationship.

I now have more than 15,000 relevant connections on LinkedIn!!

ALL relevant to our services at Credit Fix Solutions – and I started with ZERO.

There is no secret to building your connections.

Just consistently add people every day and then send them messages via LinkedIn to catch up.

Yes, consistency is the key when sending messages out on LinkedIn, keep connecting with 20 new people a day – don’t stop!

When you meet with people in person, make sure that you are adding value to their business or the meeting in general.

Also ensure that you start commenting and liking posts from your connections on LinkedIn and join relevant LinkedIn groups and start commenting and creating posts on a regular basis.

This will help establish yourself as a ‘go-to’ person in your industry.

It will keep you front of mind for your online audience.

On average, I get around two to five leads per week just from LinkedIn.

It’s taken me five years to grow my connections to 15,000 but it has been something that has really attributed to the success of my business.

Victoria Coster is the CEO of national credit repair company, Credit Fix Solutions and author of ‘From Zero to CEO’: Your Guide on starting a thriving business from home with no money!

Available at Amazon in print and eBook format!!

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TICKER TV Spotlight! From ZERO to CEO success!

NEW book launch as seen on TICKER TV! ‘From ZERO to CEO’.

Hear how our CEO, Victoria Coster, went from a commission home to becoming a CEO.

Victoria has just published her new book, laying out easy to follow steps to start a new business from home!

Click on the link below to have a listen to the interview hosted by TICKER TV:

From Zero to CEO book launch






The new book outlines how you can start a successful business from home.

With little to no money!

The book is available on Amazon HERE


It’s Official! Our CEO publishes her new book ‘From Zero to CEO’

From Zero to CEO: how to start a home business, step by step guide

Frustrated that there were no holistic guides to starting a home business, Victoria Coster CEO of national credit repair company, Credit Fix Solutions decided to write her own.

Victoria has put all her learning and skills together from starting her own business as a struggling single mother with no business skills, to create a hands-on step by step guide to starting a business from home, in From Zero to CEO.

The housing commission mother, turned award-winning business woman, even encourages you to stop at stages through throughout the book and action what she has taught. By the end of it, you should be running a successful small business from home.

Your Guide to starting a business with nothing







“This is not meant as a guide to running a large business or earning millions of dollars – although it does give you the bones to create a structure that could!” Victoria said.

“It’s meant for those of you who maybe have young kids to look after, or have been through a life event that means you need to work from home or, for whatever reason, you just want to start and run your own micro business from home to give you the time and flexibility to live a happy life.”

From Zero to CEO takes you from working on yourself, to getting started, finding your target customers, setting up systems and social media, networking right through to making sure your business is compliant.

From Zero to CEO is available for purchase at Amazon in print or ebook format.

For further information or to interview Victoria Coster, contact Helen Hull at
media@helprmedia.com.au or on 0419 642 961.

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