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TICKER TV Spotlight! From ZERO to CEO success!

NEW book launch as seen on TICKER TV! ‘From ZERO to CEO’.

Hear how our CEO, Victoria Coster, went from a commission home to becoming a CEO.

Victoria has just published her new book, laying out easy to follow steps to start a new business from home!

Click on the link below to have a listen to the interview hosted by TICKER TV:

From Zero to CEO book launch






The new book outlines how you can start a successful business from home.

With little to no money!

The book is available on Amazon HERE


It’s Official! Our CEO publishes her new book ‘From Zero to CEO’

From Zero to CEO: how to start a home business, step by step guide

Frustrated that there were no holistic guides to starting a home business, Victoria Coster CEO of national credit repair company, Credit Fix Solutions decided to write her own.

Victoria has put all her learning and skills together from starting her own business as a struggling single mother with no business skills, to create a hands-on step by step guide to starting a business from home, in From Zero to CEO.

The housing commission mother, turned award-winning business woman, even encourages you to stop at stages through throughout the book and action what she has taught. By the end of it, you should be running a successful small business from home.

Your Guide to starting a business with nothing







“This is not meant as a guide to running a large business or earning millions of dollars – although it does give you the bones to create a structure that could!” Victoria said.

“It’s meant for those of you who maybe have young kids to look after, or have been through a life event that means you need to work from home or, for whatever reason, you just want to start and run your own micro business from home to give you the time and flexibility to live a happy life.”

From Zero to CEO takes you from working on yourself, to getting started, finding your target customers, setting up systems and social media, networking right through to making sure your business is compliant.

From Zero to CEO is available for purchase at Amazon in print or ebook format.

For further information or to interview Victoria Coster, contact Helen Hull at
media@helprmedia.com.au or on 0419 642 961.

Just 1 failed enquiry on your credit report can drop your score from good to bad

Credit Score

Most consumers aren’t aware of the effect of just 1 failed enquiry on your credit report.

Our credit scores range from 0 to 1200.

BUT most people’s credit scores only sit at around 700.

That’s only around 200 points away from a bad credit score.

What contributes to my credit score?

Your credit report contents contribute to the calculation of your credit score.

Credit reports contain information such as when you have applied for finance.

Also, if you have defaulted on a loan, eg a credit card or missed any monthly repayments.

When you enquire for finance, a Lender accesses your credit report.

This access translates to an enquiry into your credit history.

This enquiry on your credit report then impacts your credit score.

How much can an enquiry drop my score by?

Just 1 failed home loan or credit card enquiry could drop your score by up to 200 points.

Contact us on our home page HERE to get a copy of our eBook on understanding credit reporting.

Our previous client John had a credit card default on his credit report.

We spent a few weeks advocating on his behalf to remove the default.

Our lawyers, Credit Fix Lawyers, found that the default was listed in error.

Once they removed it, we checked John’s score and it had increased from 480 to 600.

John was now able to go for the home loan he wanted with a very low interest rate.

However, instead of using a finance broker, John went online to apply.

He applied once, and his score dropped back down to 480!

We suggest that you use a local accredited finance broker BEFORE you apply for any type of finance.

A finance broker will look at your best options before they submit anything to a Lender.

This will protect your credit report and therefore your credit score from being damaged.

Your credit report is easily damaged by enquiries.

Call our team on 1300 43 65 69 to discuss our free consultations on your credit report.

We offer no result no fee credit repair Australia wide for most cases.

Our lawyers website can be found here: www.creditfixlyawers.com.au

Or else you can email our Scenarios Team directly at sales@creditfixsolutions.com.au

Get your free eBook on Credit Reporting today!

Credit Reporting is now more complex in Australia.

You now all have credit scores, for instance.

And lenders are reporting 24 months of repayment history information.

On top of that, there are three different credit reporting bodies in Australia.

At Credit Fix Solutions | Credit Fix Lawyers, we understand the stress this can cause.

We have FREE eBook guides on credit reporting for you to access today!

credit repair australia

One eBook is for consumers and the other is for small business owners.

To claim your free eBook, simply submit an online request on our HomePage.

  •  Learn what exactly is in your credit report(s); and
  •  Learn how to get your free credit reports
  •  Educate yourself on how to protect your credit report and score
  •  Fix your credit report yourself for free!
  •  Read our case studies on credit repair



To find out more about our law firm, you can find the website here.

Please get in touch to get a copy of our eBooks.

So, whether you’ve been affected financially by COVID-19 or not.

It’s so important that you understand credit reporting.

Educate yourself and your family today!

And protect your future credit report footprint!

Our team wishes you all the best with your financial future and we look forward to hearing from you.

Call today on 1300 43 65 69 to get in touch with one of our specialists.


This eBook is for information purposes only and is not financial product or investment advice or a recommendation to use Credit Fix Solutions and has been prepared without taking into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of individuals. Before making an investment decision prospective investors should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to their own objectives, financial situation and needs and seek legal and taxation advice appropriate to their jurisdiction. Credit Fix Solutions is not licensed to provide financial product advice or legal advice to you, your affiliates or your clients

Credit Repair in Australia & how to fix your credit report yourself!

Credit Repair in Australia is a popular but often controversial topic.

Many credit repair companies are asking for upfront fees.

However, fixing a credit report is never guaranteed.

Also, the credit repair industry is NOT regulated in Australia.

This means anyone could put up a basic website, and promise to help fix a credit report.

As a consumer, you have options to try to fix your credit yourself.

Your Options for DIY Credit Repair

fix my credit for free image

Basic options include contacting your credit provider to lodge a complaint, and/or lodging a correction request to the relevant credit reporting agency.

However, it’s not as easy as calling up the Lender and asking them to remove a negative listing.

A credit report can only be amended if a listing has been listed in error.

That error has to be as per the current Australian Legislation.

It’s a bit like trying to fix your car yourself.

You can try, you can google, but if you know nothing about cars the job won’t be easy.

What other options do I have?

Our law firm, Credit Fix Lawyers, are experts in the legislation that surrounds credit reporting.

We have run thousands of credit repair cases, and removed thousands of black marks.

Many consumers use a credit repair specialist.

This is because they know what they’re doing.

At Credit Fix Solutions and Credit Fix Lawyers, we offer No Result No Fee Credit Repair work.

That means our clients do not pay us anything in most cases unless we can get a successful result.

And you have the comfort of a law firm looking after your credit repair case.

So, give it a go yourself, also contact us today (via our home page HERE) for your free eBook on comprehensive credit reporting.

We offer free assessments on credit reports.

Also, we won’t take on your case unless we feel you have a great chance of success.

It takes our lawyers and our company several weeks to try to fix a credit report.

We work at a cost until such time we are paid.

So rest assured you are in good hands if you send us an enquiry.

National Scenarios Hotline: 1300 43 65 69

e: info@creditfixsolutions.com.au



10 ways to protect your Credit Report in 2020

Your Credit Score/Report, and how to protect it through COVID-19

2020 has brought fires, floods and COVID-19 all potential damage alerts for your credit report.

The events of 2020 have crushed entire industries, and locked millions of us in our homes, feeling lonely, depressed and experiencing financial difficulty.

For many of us, we are worried about our financial futures, and this includes worrying about our credit report.

Your credit report contains lots of different information, including your repayment history information for the last 24 months.

Here are 10 ways you can protect your credit report in 2020:

    1. Don’t enquire for finance online

As a credit repair service provider, we see many consumer reports every week.

When we assess the reports with people over the phone, we see lots of them making the mistake of applying online for finance.

In some cases, people have enquired 10 or more times over a weekend for a personal loan or a credit card.

This has negatively impacted their credit score and credit report.

And enquiries cannot be removed unless they are fraudulent or incorrect.

All you can do, if you’ve applied too many times, is to wait for the affect of those enquiries to wear off over time.

This could be 6 months, or 2 years, depending on the damage you’ve caused.

    2. Check your credit report and score on a regular basis

We have 3 credit reporting agencies in Australia. Equifax, Experian and Illion.

Although some credit providers check all 3 reports, they don’t always check all 3 reports.

We do know that pretty much all Lenders check the Equifax report.

Equifax and Illion both provide excellent credit report checking services.

You can sign up for around $10 per month, and you will get an updated score every month.

More importantly, you will be updated if there are any alerts on your file.

fix my credit for free image

    3. Don’t apply for pay-day type loans

We all want that pair of shoes, or that nice new outfit at the store or on-line.

We are all impulse buyers in nature as well.

But if you can’t afford the shoes or new bike, don’t opt in for finance to pay for it!

The short term pay day loans offered to us for small purchases are extremely bad for our credit scores.

Just one payday enquiry can lower your score by 150 points.

Save your money instead, and buy the bike from your savings.

You will save yourself a lot of grief with your credit report moving forward.

    4. Make sure you pay your bills on time

Missing one repayment can damage your credit report and credit score.

Our repayments on most accounts are now listed on our credit report for 24 months.

Make sure you know your due dates for payments so you don’t affect your credit report with an accidental missed payment.

credit repair australia

    5. Set up Direct Debits for your bills

A great way to stop worrying about bills is to set up a direct debit for your repayments.

That way, you don’t have to worry about missing a repayment and destroying your credit report.

Also, you can save on payment fees on direct debit, versus credit card payments etc.

    6. Contact your Credit Providers if you are experiencing financial difficulties

We have a 15 day grace period to make a payment from the due date on our debts.

That means, if you know you can’t make your payment this month, you have some time to contact your credit provider.

Call or email them to request temporary financial assistance.

This will protect your credit report from any negative repayment history information.

Contact us here if you want more information on this.

    7. Organise deferrals on loans if you need to

In 2020, many Lenders are offering to defer repayments on some loans.

Or you can ask for a temporary freeze on accounts for 3 to 6 months.

If this helps you get to the other side of our global crisis then get in touch with your Lenders today!

Don’t put your head in the sand.

Call your credit providers or email them and ask them for help.

This could save your credit report for the future when we are all back on our feet.

    8. Put some savings away if you can for emergencies

Even if it’s $50 per week, if we have some savings it could help us on a rainy day.

Most families live week to week, so when a crisis comes up, it’s difficult to cope.

Friends of ours recently lost both their jobs due to COVID-19.

Luckily, they had some savings for a future holiday, that they could use to pay bills whilst they organised government assistance.

This saved them a lot of grief, and also protected their credit reports because they could keep up with repayments.

    9. Use a finance broker before you apply for finance

As we pointed out earlier, applying online several times can damage our credit report.

It’s a bit like me trying to cut my own hair, instead of going to a hairdresser.

What do you really know about finance?

Shouldn’t you use a finance broker who knows what they’re doing instead of trying your luck at it yourself?

A broker will assess your entire situation and gauge what finance you will be eligible for.

That way, no enquiries are made for finance until solutions are found.

Contact us here if you would like details of some finance brokers in your area.

    10. Pay down your credit cards if possible

Our credit card limits are listed on our credit reports.

If you currently owe $20,000 then this is noted on your report.

You can improve your report by lowering your credit card limits.

Can you pay extra some months towards your credit card balance?

Go ahead and do this, and this will help protect your credit report as well.


Wishing you all the best through these tough times.

Please get in touch if you would like a free credit report, a free credit report assessment.

credit repair australiaWe also have an eBook on credit reporting for your education.

e: info@creditfixsolutions.com.au

National Helpline: 1300 43 65 69

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