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Credit Fix Solutions featured on BadCredit.Org, a huge US Site!!

In August 2018, the Finance Editor of BadCredit.org, a huge US site, Mr Adam West, contacted our CEO, as he was very impressed with our No Result No Fee credit repair policy at Credit Fix Solutions.

West wanted to feature Credit Fix Solutions on their site, and his article has now been published online,click HERE to go to the article, or read below:

In a Nutshell: Many Australians suffer from poor credit scores, preventing them from accessing more favorable financial products and further straining their tight budgets. But, in many cases, a low score is directly influenced by errors on an individual’s credit report. Credit Fix Solutions specializes in resolving these issues and raising consumers’ scores in as little as a few weeks. Best of all, clients pay no fees until their reports are fixed and their scores rise. Consumers can also receive assistance with debt negotiation and settlement, and the Credit Fix Solutions site provides an abundance of educational materials to help Australians better understand and manage their personal finances. Through these services and resources, consumers can achieve and maintain better credit and enjoy an improved quality of life.

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