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Your credit report and credit score are vital to getting finance!!

Credit Repair N.B We cannot give financial advice so please see your fabulous mortgage broker, accountant or adviser for financial advice.  If you don’t have one, send us an email and we can refer you to some 🙂

Credit repair and having a good credit report are vital in 3 key areas:

  1. Employment

Did you know that you could be ineligible for certain careers if you have bad credit?

Something as small as a $300 telco or energy default could prevent you from following your dream career path.

Certain careers in finance or insurance necessitate a clean credit report.  In some cases if you had bad credit, and you wanted to become an accredited insurance or finance broker, you would have to look at waiting for your credit to clear before being able to go ahead with your career in these industries.  You could have to spend thousands on credit repair.


  1. Finance

Looking to buy a home?  Need a new car for a growing family?  Simply want to consolidate all your debts into one easy monthly repayment?

Many of the best interest rate loans will be out of your reach if you have bad credit.  If you have a default or court action and need credit repair, you could be paying more than double the standard rates for finance.

For example, Anna wanted to buy a new apartment in Parramatta for $575,000.  She had a 10% deposit and a great job that she had been at for more than 2 years.  Her bank had conditionally approved her loan, but when the loan went to the mortgage insurer for approval she was suddenly rejected for the loan due to a $450 paid phone default that she knew nothing about.

Unfortunately the bank had to decline her loan and advised her that she would need to save another 10% deposit before they could approve the finance, leaving her 2 years away from being able to enter the property market.

Luckily, Anna came to us with her dilemma and we removed the default and she was able to apply to a different bank for the loan for which she was approved.  Another happy credit repair story!!

A default or court action can seriously impede you in obtaining finance and can affect you for many years.


  1. Lifestyle and renting ability

Bad credit can also mean you can get knocked back for a rental property.  Even if your income is above average, a bad credit score could mean that the real estate agent picks someone else’s application over yours.  Wanted to rent that new home with a pool for the kids over summer?  Could be an impossible dream with a bad credit rating.


Overall, 1 in 3 Australians have bad credit.  We can help you fix this with no win no fee credit repair and prevent the above scenarios from affecting you and your loved ones.

Call Credit Fix Solutions today on 1300 43 65 69 .  Our dedicated and professional team is there ready to take your calls, and we promise you that we will offer you no win no fee credit repair where we can.  Your credit score really does matter.  Send us an email today and talk to the experts.


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