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Short answer is YES!

As a credit repair expert, our company has run hundreds of successful credit repair cases answering the question does credit repair work.

Many people are worried does credit repair work.

I can guarantee that within 5 minutes we can assess your credit report and let you know if we can help you fix it.

We have many testimonials and lots of referrers all over Australia who can answer ‘Yes!’ to the question does credit repair work.

Be wary of credit repair companies that charge upfront fees.

No one knows 100% does credit repair work UNTIL the problem on the report has been investigated.

A GOOD credit repair company will NOT charge you unless they are successful (which is how our firm operates).

Does credit repair work?  An overview of our service:

  1. You call our team on 1300 43 65 69 or 02 8896 6256 and speak to a credit repair expert.
  2. We will discuss your credit report and score with you FREE OF CHARGE.
  3. If we can help, and we think there is a good change of improving the report we will take the matter on.
  4. You fill out an application and send it in.
  5. We do all the hard work with the credit providers and update you along the way
  6. In 2 to 8 weeks (depending on the complexity of the credit repair) IF we are successful, you pay us. If not, you DO NOT PAY US A CENT!

So does credit repair work?

The above clarifies that credit repair does work and we look forward to helping you fix your credit!!

Send a contact form today!

Credit Fix Solutions is Australia’s #1 Trusted Authority in credit repair.

Credit Fix Solutions has helped hundreds of people across Australia to fix their credit.

We are known Australia wide as the best no win no fee credit repair service available.

We have over 3,000 referrers and this list is growing by the day.

Our promise to you

Our promise is to deliver complete & thorough investigations into default & court action removals.

We offer free consultations on your credit report and offer 100% no win no fee credit repair.

At Credit Fix Solutions, we do not charge anything until we show you that we have removed a default or court action that we’re working on and our fees are fixed and stated upfront.

Where is Credit Fix Solutions located?

We have offices in both Sydney CBD and in Western Sydney, Parramatta, but as we can do our work over the phone and email, our team can offer credit repair nationwide and have a team of credit repair specialists waiting to take your calls.

Does credit repair work?? YES!!

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