Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Credit Repair Works

What does it cost?

As a rule, we don’t charge application fees or any upfront holding fees. You only pay upon confirmation that the default has been removed when we send you a cleared credit report.  We may charge a small administration fee for very complex cases or when negotiating debts, but this is on a case-by-case basis.  Send an email to a credit repair expert OR call us today for a quote 1300 43 65 69 or 02 8896 6256.

Be mindful of credit repair scams! Know how credit repair works.

  1. Do NOT pay upfront for credit repair unless there is a clear refund policy in place.
  2. Do NOT let a credit repair company do a credit check for you (this will put an unwanted enquiry on your report).
  3. Do NOT use a credit repair company with no office or ‘real people’.  There are some great websites that are designed to suck you in to paying money upfront but are based overseas or are set up by people with no experience.
  4. Do NOT sign any online forms or do any verbal authorities over the phone.  This can mean that the bogus credit repair company has taken your details, has got you into some sort of contractual agreement or may be able to chase you for money.
  5. Do NOT use a credit repair company who has no track record or history within the Australian market.
  6. DO send us an email to discuss your credit report needs FOR FREE!!

Maybe you want to read more about credit repair first?  Our Director, Victoria Coster, is an expert blogger, and she has written 100s of credit repair articles on various topics, including ‘What is My Credit Score?’‘DIY Credit Repair’, and ‘How to avoid dishonest credit repair companies’. Please enjoy the articles and we hope you get something out of them!

How do you get defaults removed?

The Credit Repair Process:


We run a high level investigation with the credit provider. We request documents from them containing notes and other information on the account leading up to the default listing. As a default can only be removed when it is listed in error, we then go through the documents we receive with a fine tooth comb trying to find any errors with the listing. If we find an error (e.g. failure to offer financial assistance when needed) in the default listing we have the credit provider ask the CRB (Equifax / Ilion or Experian) to remove the listing.  Find out more about your credit report or get a copy first and then we can discuss the contents and see if you need help clearing any bad marks.


In most cases up to 4 to 8 weeks. By law, credit providers have 30 days to respond to any request for information. In some cases we are able to have defaults removed in a matter of days depending on the urgency of the situation and how responsive the credit providers are.

Do defaults need to be paid to be removed?

No, it is not required that a default be paid in order for it to be removed. We have successfully removed unpaid defaults of over $500,000. Often we can have clients enter a payment arrangement or even negotiate a reduced settlement.

Call our friendly staff today on 1300 43 65 69 or email a credit repair consultant!  Don’t delay getting your life back on track today with one of the most trusted and experienced credit repair companies in Australia!!

How do you confirm that a listing has been deleted?

We obtain confirmation from the credit provider and/or Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet (Ilion) and Experian that the listing has been permanently removed.

Listen to our Director, Victoria, talk about credit repair.

Starting from 18:30 on this Eaglewaves Radio podcast.

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