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From Zero to CEO: how to start a home business, step by step guide

Frustrated that there were no holistic guides to starting a home business, Victoria Coster CEO of national credit repair company, Credit Fix Solutions decided to write her own.

Victoria has put all her learning and skills together from starting her own business as a struggling single mother with no business skills, to create a hands-on step by step guide to starting a business from home, in From Zero to CEO.

The housing commission mother, turned award-winning business woman, even encourages you to stop at stages through throughout the book and action what she has taught. By the end of it, you should be running a successful small business from home.

Your Guide to starting a business with nothing
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“This is not meant as a guide to running a large business or earning millions of dollars – although it does give you the bones to create a structure that could!” Victoria said.

“It’s meant for those of you who maybe have young kids to look after, or have been through a life event that means you need to work from home or, for whatever reason, you just want to start and run your own micro business from home to give you the time and flexibility to live a happy life.”

From Zero to CEO takes you from working on yourself, to getting started, finding your target customers, setting up systems and social media, networking right through to making sure your business is compliant.

From Zero to CEO is available for purchase at Amazon in print or ebook format.

For further information or to interview Victoria Coster, contact Helen Hull at
media@helprmedia.com.au or on 0419 642 961.

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