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How much does credit repair cost?

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How much does credit repair cost?  Most credit repair cases take around 20 hours to complete.  So what should you pay?

I guess the more pertinent question is how beneficial is spending money on credit repair to you? How much does credit repair cost is a case by case basis, and depends on the state of your credit report.

Does it mean you will save thousands in your new loan repayments?  Does it mean you get to save the family home?  Obviously the benefit of fixing your credit is invaluable to you and your family in cases such as these.

This is the question I ask all my potential clients:

Is spending money on credit repair going to be beneficial to you?

Contact us today to see if credit repair is a benefit to you.  Regardless of cost, as long as it’s a benefit then it is a service that you may want or need.

The most important thing to look into when researching credit repair companies is whether or not they charge upfront.  Do not use a company that charges you any money BEFORE they can show you a result.

At Credit Fix Solutions we do not charge upfront fees.  In most cases, your credit will be completely fixed before you pay us a cent, which makes all our customers very happy clients!

Our fees are reasonable, and definitely competitive in comparison with other major credit repair companies and our customer service levels are the best in the industry.

How much does credit repair cost depends on how much you need fixed on the report!

We offer free and honest consultations on your credit report if you need to ask any questions.  Feel free to call us 6 days a week to see how much credit repair costs for you.

Call 1300 43 65 69 today to find out more or go to our FAQs page for more information or to find out how much credit repair costs for you.  We offer credit repair Australia wide.

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