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Follow our credit repair top tips to Improve credit score

Improve credit score N.B We cannot give financial advice, so PLEASE see your wonderful accredited finance broker regarding your current financial situation.

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Improve your credit score

All Australians are scored in relation to their credit history in comparison with the rest of the population.

*As long as you are over 18 and you’ve had credit before.

This score is known as your credit score and is measured from 0 to 1000, 0 being the worst, and 1000 the best.

Your loan approval will depend on your credit score.

So what does improve credit score have to do with me closing accounts?

Your credit score contains (among other things) a history of all your past and present creditors.

Each debt you have is listed on your credit report which in turn affects your credit score.

This is because credit providers will list enquiries for each debt you have applied.

Therefore, the amount of open accounts you have, for example, credit cards and home loans, will affect your credit score.

Furthermore, which in turn will affect your ability to obtain finance.

Why not cut up the credit cards you don’t need and close some unnecessary accounts?

BEFORE you apply for your new home loan or investment loan?

Improve credit score today!

It could mean the difference between being approved or declined!  The #1 reason why closing your accounts could improve your credit score!!

In brief, At Credit Fix Solutions, we are a no win no fee credit repair service.

Therefore, we guarantee the best investigation possible into the listings on your credit report.

In addition, you can be confident that with our experience, knowledge and business awards under our belt that you are in safe hands.

We offer free and honest consultations on your credit report if you need to ask any questions.

Call 1300 43 65 69 today to find out more or go to our website www.creditfixsolutions.com.au for more FAQs and details about our team.

Closing accounts and minimizing credit can really help improve credit score!

Improve credit score
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improve credit score
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