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Is credit repair legit?  There are a lot of ‘dodgy’ credit repair companies around and you should be wary of these.

Some are charging upfront fees of around $1,000 without doing any work, whilst others run poor quality investigations, or run credit repair as a secondary side business, hence one which they are not very good at.

Is credit repair legit?  Then follow these simple rules, and you will know if the credit repair company you are dealing with is legitimate:

  1. You will not get charged any fees upfront.
  2. The investigations they run are full and complete investigations (ask them how they run their investigations).
  3. You will get a dedicated credit repair specialist, not an answering machine every time you call.
  4. Your credit repair should be finalised in around 4 to 6 weeks, not months.


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A good credit repair specialist should know what they are doing.  So they should know if they can really help you or not.  So why charge upfront fees if they are good at what they do?  The answer is they shouldn’t.  Don’t get caught up with forceful salespeople trying to get money out of you before doing any work.

In brief, investigating an inaccurate default listing takes time, knowledge and more time.  It can take up to 4 weeks just to get information from a credit provider about an account.

Hence, some called credit repair companies skirt around the hard work and just lodge a correction request with Veda.  This is something anyone can do, and is not a complete and thorough investigation.

Therefore, don’t use a company that doesn’t pick up the phone, or diverts you to a message back all the time.  Or the money you’re spending for a service that is quite personal, you should have a dedicated professional to contact directly at all times.

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If you are waiting months for an answer, how will you ever get that loan for your dream home or your new family car?  Is credit repair legit?  Not if you can’t get an answer for months!

In conclusion, make sure that the company you are using completes their credit repair cases in around 4 to 6 weeks.

At Credit Fix Solutions we offer legitimate, quality, fast, and no win no credit repair Australia wide.  We have removed 100’s of inaccurate defaults and court actions.

Is credit repair legit?  Have a read of some of our testimonials, or check out more articles.

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