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DIY credit repair TOP TIPS!

Step 1: Get a copy of your credit report and make sure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Did you know that there are 3 credit reporting agencies in Australia?

And each one can contain different information.

You may need to check and fix 3 reports!!

Watch our useful video explainer below:

Step 2: Look for errors or inaccuracies on your report and dispute these with the company that reported it to the agency.

OR go to the credit provider directly.

Errors can drop your score and can include:

 – Incorrect or fraudulent enquiries

 – Incorrect repayment history information

 – Incorrect defaults or court actions

 – Incorrect personal details

Credit providers have 30 to 45 days to investigate any complaint, so you need to be patient!

FYI information can only be removed if it’s incorrect.

You can’t just remove a default, for example, if you now want to pay it.

The default will just be marked as paid and is listed for 5 years.

Step 3: If you are unable to find an error or inaccuracy, start working on improving your score by checking your payment history, reviewing late payments, looking at high balances and old account delinquencies, etc.

For more DIY credit repair advice, get a copy of our free eBook on credit reporting education here

We wish you all the best with your credit report education and any DIY credit repair you do yourself!!

If you get stuck, we have 8 years experience in credit repair.

And we only charge if we can get a successful result for you!

Email the scenarios team at sales@creditfixsolutions.com.au

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